Why doesn’t Pan Am Collection Agency Rely Exclusively on Autodialers and Robocalls?

What can be more annoying than receiving a call from an autodialer when you least expect it, especially if it was a collection agency call. That being said, autodialer phone calls have become ubiquitous in recent years. Each month the Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Communication Commission receive more than 150,000 complaints, and it’s just getting worse. Officials estimate that 35% of all calls placed originate from autodialer communication programs.

With the popularity of autodialers increasing, why doesn’t Pan Am Collections rely on this technology? That’s an easy question to answer. Autodialers are not nearly as effective as a live collector. Which is not to say that live collectors don’t irritate people; no one enjoys receiving a collection call.

My point in this short article is simple; collection efforts are best maximized by using real-life collectors. We believe strongly in this principle and implement it throughout our collection process. Heck, we still use a real live secretary to answer the office phone, which is something that has become a rarity in today’s business environment.

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear; autodialers are efficient at dialing preprogrammed numbers, they do not provide optimal results for a collections agency.  It’s that simple. We get the best results using well trained, professional collection agents. This is not merely conjecture, this is a well-established fact understood by the collection agency community.

So why do some collection agencies use autodialers for their role calling?

It’s cheaper, that is the simple answer. A certain percentage of debtors respond to robocalling, but that percentage is dwarfed by the effectiveness of trained collection personnel.  While it cannot be argued that automated calling is marginally effective, there are no small number of rules regarding their use. The FDCPA limits the use of this technology in a wide variety of situations.

More importantly, automated calling leaves indiscriminate messages on any phone that it reaches. This can result and errors and unnecessary aggravation for the receiver of the call, especially if he/she has been identified erroneously as a debtor.

Autodialers make calls indiscriminately. Autodialers leave messages indiscriminately. That’s not the image nor the professionalism that we display at Pan Am Collections.  To be an effective collection agency it is imperative to properly identify the debtor and meticulously validate the debt. We don’t think auto dialing technology effectively meets those criteria.

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