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Pan Am Collection Agency

We Get Your Money Fast

Why should I use Pan Am collections?

You should use Pan Am Collection Agency because we are results oriented. We got your money fast. Further, we are successful at delivering quality net returns to our clients. That being said, we also employ the highest quality professionals in our collection agency operations. In short, we get the money you have already earned.

How much does your service cost?

We have a number of collection options at your disposal. We collect your money in a staged manner. These stages are as follows:
Stage I: This is our flat rate program. We present your debtor with four demands. Each letter increases in intensity and urgency. Surprisingly, our collection rate in stage I approaches 35%. Obviously, any money that you can collect in stage I is a real value. Our charge per account in stage I is $13.99.
Stage 2: in this stage, we begin an intensive collection effort. We use live collection agents to interact with debtors to collect your debt. In our experience, we have found that using automated calls, or robo calls, to be relatively ineffective; so, we do not employ automated collection calls in our collection effort. Stage II is based upon the contingent collection model. If we don’t collect your money we don’t get paid.
Stage 3: This stage employees our network of attorneys to collect your debt. All of our attorneys specialize in debt collection and are experienced in this field of endeavor. It should be noted that we only use attorney contingent collections when all other collection efforts have failed. However, there are stubborn debtors that make contingent attorney collections necessary.
As you can see, we are a full-service collection agency.

How long have you been in business?

Our president, Dan Kohlenberg, has 30 years of experience in the collection business. Pan Am collections was founded in 1998. Additionally, many of our collection agents have worked at the agency more than 10 years.

Do you report to credit bureaus?

Yes, there are times when the proper course of action is to employ reporting to the credit bureaus. This action usually occurs when the agency is unable to work out an arrangement with the debtor. We have found that reporting to credit bureaus is an effective method to increase recovery rates. Credit bureaus can be an effective tool and increase the recovery rate of your accounts.

How can I get started using Pan Am collections?

Getting started with our agency is a relatively simple process. If you are currently using another agency, you might consider adding a second agency and compare results. We like that situation and have earned many new accounts when our collection numbers are compared to your previous collection agency. In short, we don’t need to be your only collection agency. Just call us at 855-256-3705. We look forward to chatting with you. You might also contact us at

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